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This is my project on Austin Carlile.

It was to show how he inspires me, etc and this is my visual part of it.

This is the speech i had to present to the class:

“You have many options in life, Never make giving up one of them.” – Austin Robert Carlile. This man is an inspiration to millions. He has saved and changed thousands of lives, And I am among them. To any of mice and men fan, the ampersand is more than just a symbol.
               “The same kid, the first day of 10th grade, who stole my backpack, unzipped it, threw all my books in the snow, trashed them all. Then later met me in the P.E Locker room during 4th period, literally beat me up. Smashed my head on the toilet, Broke 2 ribs - Came to Vans Warped Tour in Denver, 2012, And I saw him in the crowd, Looking up at me on stage. And I later found out through family members that he has 2 kids, And didn’t go to college, Lives in the same town, And didn’t really do anything with his life.”
               The fact that Austin has been through many of the same things that some kids go through everyday, and has over come them, is one of the many reasons tons of people look up to him.
               When he was 17 his mother died on the corner of 2nd Street & Sebring Court, In LeHigh Acres, FL.  His mother was his hero, and it caused him so much pain, but did that stop him? No. He wrote a song “Second & Sebring” Which he made in honor of his mom.
              ”I got a call from my mom and I couldn’t take the call because I was working, She left me a voicemail, then two hours later my grandma called me crying, saying, ’ something happened to your mum.. go to the hospital.’ “I was freaking out. One of the ladies drove me because they didn’t want me driving because I was so scared, and as soon as I got to the hospital there was an ambulance pulling in and they pulled my mom off and that was the last time I saw her.”
               Some get the lyrics to this song tattooed on them in an ampersand form.
               As he was 20 he created a band called “Attack Attack” & made an album with them, Then later kicked him out.
               Also A little bit after starting of mice & men he had horrible heart problems, which he had to be hospitalized for about a month. While he was in the hospital and having surgery on the same heart issues he lost his mother to, his wife cheated on him (Who is currently his ex wife), and because he couldn’t preform, He got dropped from of mice and men.
               Later after, leaving the hospital, Austin saw that his replacement in of mice & men (Jerry Roush) had changed the lyrics to Second & Sebring.
               …What brought me to this was I watched a couple videos of the band from Warped Tour and after seeing them all, I am nicely asking (When you read this OM&M)…. is that on the song “Second & Sebring” you learn all the words, and please scream them correctly. That’s all. That’s it. Simple as store bought pie.

The songs screaming parts, were written by me, and FOR my mother, who passed away when I was 17 years of age. It is titled “Second & Sebring” because I lived in Sebring Court, on the corner of Second Street, in LeHigh Acres Florida, when this happened to me. My mother was the most important person in my life, and taught me more than anyone will ever know. She was an angel on earth. I love and miss her dearly. I wrote the song for her, and would like, out of respect, for the band to take the time and effort to preform the vocals correctly.

Some of you might roll your eyes at this, and say, “Wow, really?” You can butcher, change, cuss in, re-write, destroy, whatever any other song or set of lyrics that I created when I was in this band, but not this one. Not THIS song. I could care less what they do with any other song. I no longer have any say about anything. It’s their band…”
            Austin wasn’t the only one upset about it. It caused uproar in the fan base, and because of this the band brought Austin Back as the lead vocalist, due to popular demand.

               Even through all of this and he still came out to be such a successful, happy person, and not only is he happy, But he strives to make others happy. He cares about his fans more than himself, and its obvious by how he puts them first before anything. If he meets a fan, and he feels like they really need him, He’ll give them his phone number and talk to them on a regular basis, and whenever they’re sad.
               He’ll also make plans to hang out with them or go somewhere and talk after the show. He’ll sit down with you and listen to your story, He’ll listen to your hardships in life, and he’ll comfort you and motivate you until you feel better.

               There are countless stories people share, and I have heard, about how Austin & his band has saved or changed their life. If I could be half as great as him I’d be happy.
               Your hero may wear a cape, but mine is covered in tattoos and travels the world making music.

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